LIME One Rate: The Facts


Here’s my latest Big prod in conjunction with our Customer Orange Media who developed the script and the jingle. They insured the coordination of the shoot as well in many locations in st Lucia. Caukes was very easy to work with as usual. The people in the different communities were nice and welcoming. The coordination of the shoot had some challenges but was extraordinarily handled by Minerva and Cheryl. They even managed to stop the rain for a while in Soufriere!

Orange Media in the early stages of development wanted us to freeze the frames in the pure Quentin tarantino style with some splashes and colorful graphics.

I chose to alternate between black and white and color to give some variety and dynamism to the overall piece.

I used my Canon Mark II and one of our gopro’s to shoot the whole TVC. Most of it was shot handheld as I wanted something really dynamic. I edited in premiere and stabilized some shots in after effects. all the graphics were done in after effects. the project was about 250 layers as each shot was color corrected and graded separately.


Mingling with 3D cranberries


That TVC had a pretty small budget, but I still wanted the customer to be pleased with the results. I also really wanted to experiment the physics engine of Cinema 4D. So I’ve decided to drop a bunch of cranberries on a white background to check how realistic I could go with the cineware plugin for CC

Cinema 4d Cranberries.