BOSL “Timeline”

That one was tough. a LOT of editing. a LOT of tracking for the ipad shot at the end.



Some of the music videos I’ve directed  from 2003 to 2005 to Canon XL1. That camera was pure crap with whites. but we could achieve some kind of depth of field despite the small sensor.

You are the one was my very first Music Video. shot in one afternoon on low budget. Sally was and still is a fantastic singer. Sally and KK haven’t changed a bit since then!!!

Kenyon Video was my second  one.  Leebo and Adam trusted me on the directing. The budget was  a bit higher so I could afford to shoot on different locations. Melissa Giddins still acts today.

Another 2005 Video of  Sally, more budget and more fun to shoot!

Piton Carnival 2014 Promotion

A lot of Color Correction and Grading on that one as I wanted to express the Burst of colors Carnival brings us.Lots of warmth tones too.

the very first scene has 13 layers of color correction as for exemple the main wooden pillar  was too lit compared to the background, the fridge is lit digitally, the lights follow the actors etc….

The Piton Bottle crowns were modeled in 3dsMax and exported as OBJ to be re-imported and animated in Element 3D. My Biggest problem was my deadline. As he took me almost  3dsmax Piton Cap

2 hours to model the caps.


All the 3d graphics were executed in Element.

I Just wish I had had more time for that one to properly find the right double sided textures for the caps…

LIME Football 2014

Hi Guys, I know I haven’t blogged for a while, but here’s a project I enjoyed doing for LIME Football Promotion.

Here’s the Breakdown for the very first Shot. The Model name is andre.

I first started to find football crowds footage and distorted it to fit in my stadium pic…crowd footage 2

crowd footagecrowd aloneno crowdno mood

I put some mood with a mask…


no flashes



I then added the flashes done in particular

no shadow


I added andre doing is move in front of our chromakey

Full Comp (0-00-02-07) no ball

and his shadow…


no andre


I modeled and accurate model of the 3d ball in 3dsmax as only a flat artwork was given to me and I wanted the ball to be able to  spin in the 3 dimensions and added to match Andre’s kick


Full Comp (0-00-02-07) no goalie no net


I added the goalie’s photo and animated it


Full Comp (0-00-02-07) no lights



And more mood…. with some optical flares.


Full Comp (0-00-02-07)


Most of the phones were tracked in mochaPro. Most of the crowds in the background are blurred stock footage. ALL Shots without exceptions were chromakeyed