The Storm Files

21 Days is a Docu-drama about 6 young boys in a drifting boat. A real poignant story about the sea and its dangers.

My Challenge, apart from shooting the piece (lol), was to create the storm scenes. Taken from original clear-day shots, I had to create stormy menacing seas. I used one of our go-pros for the initial plates and then processed them in After effects. Adding night tones, moon, rain, lightning, and relighting to give it a dramatic look.sea raw sea processed boat raw boat processed

The Most difficult thing was to track (nothing to track really as everything is in motion and the sky keep disappearing!). So I used 2 or 3 different techniques and a lot of tweaking and patience to make it work. the Lens flare is a VC one. The sky in the background had to be color corrected separately as the sea was the star of the show :).