LIME Football 2014

Hi Guys, I know I haven’t blogged for a while, but here’s a project I enjoyed doing for LIME Football Promotion.

Here’s the Breakdown for the very first Shot. The Model name is andre.

I first started to find football crowds footage and distorted it to fit in my stadium pic…crowd footage 2

crowd footagecrowd aloneno crowdno mood

I put some mood with a mask…


no flashes



I then added the flashes done in particular

no shadow


I added andre doing is move in front of our chromakey

Full Comp (0-00-02-07) no ball

and his shadow…


no andre


I modeled and accurate model of the 3d ball in 3dsmax as only a flat artwork was given to me and I wanted the ball to be able to  spin in the 3 dimensions and added to match Andre’s kick


Full Comp (0-00-02-07) no goalie no net


I added the goalie’s photo and animated it


Full Comp (0-00-02-07) no lights



And more mood…. with some optical flares.


Full Comp (0-00-02-07)


Most of the phones were tracked in mochaPro. Most of the crowds in the background are blurred stock footage. ALL Shots without exceptions were chromakeyed




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